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Vertical Tragus Piercing. $40 ea. online. Love it, Buy it, Share it, Add 2 Wishlist

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$ 40.00 $ 80.00

Fun cool stylish piercing to accessorize with tragus accessories.

Don't forget your aftercare.

H2Ocean piercing aftercare now available online.


Buy your body piercing H2Ocean aftercare kit today, we will have it ready JUST for YOU when you come get your new piercing(s). 

Vertical tragus piercing online. Buy now...get pierced later!

Allow 24 hours to process your order.

Come get your piercings anytime Mon - Thurs. 12PM - 6PM

Ladies favorite piercing! One of the hottest piercing year round in the DMV.  Goes great with other industrial barbell and basic earlobe piercings.

Healing: 8 - 16 weeks
Aftercare: H2 Ocean Aftercare Spray
Jewelry: Captive bead rings, horseshoes, straight or curved barbells

Please note: 30% restocking fee will apply to refunds.

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