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2 piece Nose Hoop Ring. Get 2 more FREE with purchase.

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$ 13.00 $ 20.00

Luxurious Body Jewelry Piercing Nose Hoop Ring Stainless Steel 20G (8mm)

Available in 4 colors. Gold, black, stainless steel, Rainbow

Buy 2 piece pack get 2 FREE 

Multi purpose hoops for the nose, ear, and lip.
These hoops are luxurious classy pieces that will always be in style and will look great with multiple piercings. 

Edgy hipster, and can still look subtle and sweet for a more delicate appeal.
This style is a tiny hoop high polish smooth surface, comfortable to wear. They are made from surgical steel with a high polished finish.
It has a smooth surface for a comfortable fit.
This ring is annealed for bending and twisting. To open the ring simply twist it to the side.
Once the ring is on, you can bend it back into shape.

You will get 2 more FREE when you sign up with us or if you are already a member of LOVE PIERCE ME here on PIERCE ME. 

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