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5 Pack Piece Pack Internal Threaded Belly Button Rings Surgical Steel Body Piercing Jewelry, 14G

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$ 14.00 $ 25.00

Internally Threaded Piercing Jewelry
We means this piercing jewelry has ball-ends which screw into the bar.
It is considered to be the best among the variety of high quality body piercing jewelry:
1) The design helps to avoid skin irritation, very comfortable & safe, will protect your delicate skin;
2) Ball-ends won’t scroll into the end of universe, significantly reduce the chance of losing balls;
3) But it is more difficult to manufacture, and the price is a little higher, hope you can understand.

*Make your choice and be sure that these piercing jewelry is worth your time and money!

*In our collection you'll find internally threaded labrets, curved barbells and circular barbells.

Why Choose Surgical Steel Jewelry?
Surgical steel, as its name implies, is to make surgical instruments.
It's hypoallergenic or anti-allergic, one of the most bio-compatible iron alloys.
Surgical steel jewelry is popular among those who may have metal allergies.
And Surgical steel won't rust or stain with sweat or water as ordinary steel does.
It won't oxidize and will be very durable.
All these features make it a top popular metal to complement your jewelry box.

Tips for Caring Body Jewelry
1) Avoid friction and hard objects to avoid scratches.
2) Don't wear jewelry during exercise, bathing and swimming, for you might lost them.
3) Please wipe jewelry clean and keep them in clean jewelry bag, when not wearing.

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